Eyelash Extensions

If you are tired of wearing mascara every single day, eyelash extensions are the perfect way to make your eyes look fuller and thicker. The professionals at Eyelash Extensions Brookvale Sydney can give you a beautiful set of lashes that last for up to two weeks. This treatment is very affordable and you can get the best results with this service. You can go back for a refill anytime, which is very convenient and easy.

How to Get the Best Eyelash Extensions

Before you go in for an appointment, make sure you have the right information with you. First, tell your lash artist what kind of look you would like for your eyes. This will help him or her choose the perfect length and curl strength for your lashes. You may be required to choose from up to four different lengths of lashes, and you should focus on the outer corners of your eyes. It is also advisable to select different shades of lash extensions, so that you can achieve the look you desire.

Next, make sure you understand the risks of the treatment. Your technician should tell you about any possible risks. It is best to let the technician know about any existing health conditions you may have, as some eyelash extensions aren’t suitable for people with certain medical conditions. For example, if you wear contacts, you should be careful when you’re near campfires. Only if you have an infection, you can get them fixed.

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