Different Bird Deterrents to Use on Your Property

bird deterrent

Bird deterrents are the general term for various methods to prevent or remove the bird from landing, nesting and roosting on your property. Birds are one of the most common and favorite garden visitors. They are also an important part of our ecosystem by helping to aerate plant growth, absorb pollutants and help in the decomposition of organic matter. When these birds are removed, there are many other types of wildlife that may have to suffer. This is why it is important to be able to find the right deterrent so as not to cause more harm than good.


Bird deterrents can come in many different forms such as bird netting, bird fencing, yard gates, bird houses, bird feeders, bird stands, bird boxes, bird tents, etc. A lot of people use bird netting on their yards to keep small birds (usually small finches or cardinals) from bothering their gardens and homes. Bird netting comes in different materials such as aluminum, steel or PVC; some are flexible while others are more rigid. The flexible material tend to be easier to install whereas the rigid ones are more secure and usually do not require drilling holes into the ground.


There are also other types of bird deterrents such as owl decoys, red noise bird deterrents, diamond scarecrows, and the ever popular reflective surfaces. Owl decoys are made of materials such as plastic and/or metal. Reflective surfaces are used primarily to attract ground level birds such as thrush rather than large birds. While the reflective surface will probably attract a lot of smaller birds, if you want the bird deterrent effect, you would need to use bird deterrents with a larger surface area such as the reflective surface of owl decoys.

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