How to Start Cucumber Seeds Indoors

how to start cucumber seeds indoors

Cucumbers are easy to grow, but they need warm soil and plenty of light to thrive. Starting cucumber seeds indoors is a great way to get a jump on the growing season and give your plants the best start possible.

How to start cucumber seeds indoors can be started in any container that holds soil, but we recommend using a container with a drainage hole and choosing a quality seed-specific potting mix. This will help the plants get a healthy, nutritious start and be easier to work with once they germinate. If you don’t have a gardening store nearby that sells a seed-specific soil, a high quality organic compost mixed with regular potting soil will also work well.

Green Thumbs Unite: A Beginner’s Guide to Starting Cucumber Seeds Indoors

Plant the seeds a half inch deep, spacing them evenly in the seed tray or pot. Soaking the seeds in warm water for 12-24 hours before planting will speed up germination. Once the seeds are planted, keep them in a sunny location with lots of light (we recommend adding supplemental grow lights to your garden during spring, summer and fall) for 12-16 hours per day.

Cucumbers are self-pollinating and do not require pollinators to produce fruit. If you are using heirloom or other varieties that need pollination, make sure to do your best to encourage mason bees and honey bees around the garden so they can take care of it for you. Also, make sure that your cucumbers are getting enough water. The plants will need one to two inches of water a week, but be careful not to overwater as this can lead to fungal disease.

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