Modular Flat Staging

Modular Flat Staging

Modular Flat Staging

Staging is a proven way of quickly and cost-effectively transforming an otherwise vacant property for sale. It’s estimated that staging increases the sale price by 6% to 15% and reduces time on market. But a traditional staging project often requires significant rigging, transportation and installation costs.

Our Modular Flat Staging systems are a much more effective alternative to traditional staging and save on transportation and installation costs. They are lightweight, compact and can be transported in the trunk of any car and assembled in minutes by one person. They’re also easy to disassemble and can be flattened, folded and stored in an specially designed bag or box for safe storage and transport.

Creating Stunning Visuals with Modular Flat Staging: Design Tips and Tricks

The Modular Staging System can be used to create an instant home or office atmosphere and can be combined with any real pieces of furniture for a flawless staging result. The clean lines of the design and the exclusive tailor-made fabric slipcovers are a perfect match with any furniture style used in the staging project. Sofas, beds, cabinets and firplaces all combine well with the modules.

The modular flat staging can be easily adapted to smaller properties where the accessibility of tranditional furniture is a challenge. Many of these properties lack elevators and narrow staircases and require a flexible staging solution that can be easily adjusted to the available space. CUBIQZ USA offers a large selection of easy to assemble pop-up modules that simulate any sofas, beds, cabinets and firplaces and can be combined with real pieces for a superb staging project.

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