Roo-Lined Piping Advantages

fusion bonded epoxy

Fusion bonded epoxy is a newly developed material which has emerged as one of the most important solutions in the field of pipe covers. It is a high-temperature resistance coating having a grain structure, which gives it excellent chemical, physical and chemical resistance to most chemicals and its components. The overall performance and durability of this revolutionary product depend largely on the process used in bonding the epoxies to the metal pipe. While bonding the epoxies, the temperature must be controlled properly and using the right type of equipment.

Fusion bonded epoxy – The most important solutions in the field of pipe covers

The most important benefit of using this product for pipe protection is the low level of surface prepregiation required for pipe covers which makes the application easy. Most epoxies are applied with a brush or roller application system. The mechanical and chemical properties of the product have given it a unique property of high tensile strength which cannot be achieved by any other means. If this coating is applied at the right temperature, then there is no need to worry about pipe delamination. Since the physical and chemical resistance to fusion bonded epoxy is very high, the surface tension of the liquid or gaseous mixture will be very low and hence there will be no need to use any form of external mechanical pressure or adhesives to attach the liner to the pipe.


These paints offer a wide range of advantages over other pipe covers such as galvanized pipes and rubber pipe covers which do not offer the same quality of protection. One major benefit that is unique to fusion bonded epoxy is its ability to provide a smooth bright white metallic finish to the internal surfaces of the piping. This is especially useful where bright white metal is needed such as inside the inner sections of internal combustion engines or radiators. Another major benefit from this type of roto-lining is that the product can be applied very easily and gives excellent adhesion to most types of piping. There are a number of suppliers and manufacturers who deal in this type of roto-lined pipe which include domestic and commercial grade pipe producers as well as private plumbing contractors.

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