Types of Roller Coaster Wheels

Roller coaster wheels serve a unique purpose. They must be durable and perform well under high-speed, demanding conditions. There are three main types of roller coaster wheels, which differ in design, material, and function.

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The first is a guide wheel. This is the most common type of roller coaster wheel. It is fixed to the axle through a bearing. These are usually steel. While they are relatively low-rolling resistance, they may wear faster in the front of a train or vehicle.

Another type of wheel is the upstop wheel. These are placed under the rail and help to prevent the vehicle from flying off the track during inversions.

Finally, there are freewheel hubs. These allow the rear wheel to roll while the pedals are at rest. However, a freewheel hub is not interchangeable with a coaster brake hub. A freewheel is often used on larger kids’ bikes.

Typical roller coaster wheels are made from polyurethane, nylon, or steel. Polyurethane is a soft, lightweight material that reduces vibration and provides a smoother ride. Nylon is harder and creates a rougher ride.

Rolling resistance is caused by tire deformation. Usually, a roller coaster’s rolling resistance coefficient is 0.009 to 0.018 of the supported load. When the braking force is reduced, the coefficient increases.

The best coaster wheel for you depends on your riding style. For example, if you are a heavy rider, a heavy-duty steel coaster wheel is the perfect choice. If you are looking for a smooth, quiet ride, a freewheel is a better option.

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