Wedding Questions to Help Your Guests Get to Know You

A big part of the wedding planning process includes deciding which Wedding Questions you want to answer for your loved ones. Some of these questions may include dress code, food/menu options, transportation (and how they’ll get there), weather, and more. Some couples even go as far as sharing their favorite songs and a bit about themselves in hopes that their guests will be able to relate, so they can feel included in their day.

How do you ask questions before marriage?

One of the most common questions is, “Where is this wedding taking place?” Whether you just reiterate the location information on their invite or use Squarespace’s map blocks to make it easier for your friends and family to navigate, let your guests know the details they need to plan accordingly.

Do you have a specific theme? This is a great way to give your guests an idea of the type of vibe you’re going for. Having a specific theme can help your guests prepare for your special day, and it might inspire them to dress in the style you love.

Have you set up a registry? If so, include it on your FAQ section so your friends and family can easily find it and purchase a gift for you.

For a fun, interactive wedding quiz, create a series of questions about your guests that are both odd and difficult. This will challenge your friends and family, but also make them laugh! You can start off with short, easy questions and then ramp up to some more zany questions. The best part is seeing your friends fight over answers or tease each other.

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