Why Your Home Inspections in Christchurch, New Zealand Are Critical

BettaInspectIt Home inspections Christchurch, (pre-purchase inspections, pre-construction inspection, new home inspection), home warranties, building analysis, residential and commercial property, and also a leading A-Z home inspection service. For our home inspection, we pride ourselves in being thorough, customer focussed and detail focused with a fast turnaround time for all of our work. Whether it’s a small or large renovation, carpentry or electrical work, or re-furbishment we can provide comprehensive and objective advice tailored to your unique requirements. With our experienced and knowledgeable inspection engineers we can examine the property from top to bottom in one of many specially designed inspections that cover everything from lighting and heating systems to ventilation and cavity walling, from roofing to flues to chimneys. All these services backed by friendly and knowledgeable consultants who work together as a team to provide you the best possible home inspection in Christchurch, New Zealand.

How To Lose Money With Home Inspections Christchurch

“We have been conducting property and building inspections for many years and have a high standard of independent judgment and commitment to client satisfaction. Our structure inspectors are comprised of fully trained, fully insured and licensed structural engineers who are fully qualified in the field of structural engineering and design. We have specific project specific inspections as part of our regular inspections. These include a full structural integrity and condition assessment, site investigations including site ventilation and drainage, site investigations relating to water infiltration and climate conditions, site investigation of electrical wiring including insulation, and an annual pest inspection. The professional standards of our builders along with the strictest standards of practice in our building inspectors bring you the assurance that the buildings you choose will be safe and secure.”

There are many professional and experienced structure inspectors in New Zealand that undertake a wide range of specialist inspections. These range from commercial building inspections to the most detailed inspections of private dwellings. Structural engineers in New Zealand to undertake the highest levels of professionalism, innovation and technology to provide clients with the assurance that their chosen building is structurally sound and will not be susceptible to any future problems or maintenance issues. The safety and security of your dwelling are of course paramount and are not only based on the quality of construction of your dwelling but also the safety features within the property. It is essential for your peace of mind that all of your building’s components, roof, flooring, fittings, wiring and systems are up to the current standards and safe for use and enjoyment.

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