Color Prescription Contacts

Color prescription contacts are a great way to change the way you look. However, you must be careful when buying them. Some retailers are not reputable, and their products might not be safe for your eyes.

Which colour lens suits fair skin?

Color contact lenses are considered a medical device, and must be approved by the FDA. This is the reason you should buy from a reputable retailer.

There are many brands of colored prescription contacts available. You can order them online or at your eye doctor. They can be purchased in monthly disposable or daily disposable varieties.

While most colored contacts are safe to wear, you should still follow their manufacturer’s directions to the letter. Failure to do so can reduce the lifespan of your contacts.

For example, you should use a special solution when cleaning your lenses. These solutions can make your lenses last longer.

Another good tip is to remove your contacts at night. Leaving them in overnight can increase the risk of an eye infection. Keeping your lenses clean and dry can also extend their lifespan.

In addition to following these tips, you should consult an eye doctor before wearing color prescription contacts. A doctor will be able to give you an accurate fitting and prescription.

You might be surprised to know that many colored contacts are not as comfortable as you think. Even those with a good fit might cause you discomfort. Those with an eye condition such as glaucoma may want to avoid wearing contacts altogether.

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