Hiking In Salt Springs Park

Salt Springs Park is a Pennsylvania’s state park located in Franklin Township, Susquehanna County; it is approximately eight miles outside of Pittsburgh, where the Monongah Resort is located. The park, which was created by the county, is also home to large hemlocks that are well over 500 years old. The park has been declared a world class park by the state park district and receives millions of dollars in yearly revenue. It is considered to be a natural wonder and is open for guided tours and can even be used as a photography site. Find out – floridabirdingtrail.com

Hiking In Salt Springs Park

There are numerous hiking trails through the park, which range from easy level hikes to difficult level hikes. In addition to the hiking trails, there are many nature preserves and other attractions, including interpretive centers, nature paths, swimming beaches and boat launches, picnic areas and campgrounds. The hardest portion of the hiking trails is found along the ridge line where the bulk of the trails is found. In addition to the difficultly found trail, the park also boasts one of the best preserved natural drainage systems in the Northeast.

Because the park is considered to be among one of the most scenic natural wonders in the Northeast, many people consider hiking and biking to be a therapeutic exercise. However, this nature park also attracts several other outdoor enthusiasts as well, including skiers and snowshoers. The park offers guided tours, picnic facilities, swimming beaches and camping, making it a great getaway for those who enjoy spending time outdoors but don’t necessarily want to become a complete outdoor veteran.

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