How to Pick Good Keywords For SEO

How to pick good keywords for seo? The keywords you select for your seo strategy are the building blocks of your search rankings. Getting them right can make or break your organic search traffic, which in turn impacts your bottom line. Here, Forbes Agency Council member and SEO Strategist at Swell Digital, Corey Capozzi lays out an easy process for picking good keywords so you can create the content your audience is searching for, drive qualified traffic, and achieve your unique business goals.

Which website is best for freelancing?

Identify common problems and questions your audience has, then look for them in forums, blogs, and social media. It’s also important to keep in mind search intent—what kind of information do searchers want when using a particular keyword? For example, a search for “how to start a blog” could mean they’re looking to learn how to write an individual blog post or they may be interested in starting their own website domain to launch a blogging platform.

Don’t just go with the keywords that have the highest MSV (monthly search volume). Aim for a mix of head and long-tail keywords to help you score quick wins, but make sure you have a healthy number of both. Finally, run a competitor analysis to see what terms your competitors are targeting. You may discover some keywords they’re focused on that you could target in your own content to get ahead of them one blog post at a time. In the end, you’ll have a solid list of great keywords to help you build a robust SEO strategy that’s designed for sustainable results.

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