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If you’re looking for a unique and authentic experience while in the park, look no further than savi’s workshop ultimate guide. The original Star Wars place at Disneyland opened in 1970 and was shut down after three years because it didn’t meet Disney’s expectations. But now, it’s back with a vengeance!

An Awesome Custom lightsaber At Your Disposal

Savi’s Workshop (or Hilt) is basically a restricted access, reservation-only, small custom Jedi shop inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge located right next to the Trading post. While it’s open to all park visitors, it’s the most restricted access shop inside Disneyland, which means it’s one of the most unique. What you’ll find here are props and furniture unique to the Star Wars world, including an original leather checkered jumpsuit, a fully functional blaster, and even a saber staff that can be activated by pressing a button! For the lucky few, who get a chance to visit this area, there’s also a chance to try their hand at saber flying, a fun activity that allows participants to swing a two-handed saber at small targets on a windy table. There are also plenty of activities available to take part in while you’re at the workshop including activities such as building Storm Troopers, racing through a Death Star trench, or taking a peek at a screen that plays scenes from the popular Star Wars films.

Because it’s located in the dark confines of a trading post, you won’t be able to visit the actual Star Wars showroom that keeps the lightsabers on display. Instead, what you’ll see is a large display featuring all of the different props available for purchase and an interactive learning area where you can try out the different moves involved in sabering. Overall, this is definitely worth checking out if you have the opportunity to go to Malaysia because it offers visitors the chance to enjoy the sights, sounds, and overall experience of Star Wars all in one place.

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